Automatic Transmission Supplement (PRND21)


  • Reduces component wear
  • Promotes smoother, faster shifting
  • Helps reduce operating temperature
  • Protects against rust and corrosion

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What is it?

Petron Plus automatic transmission supplement is derived from a unique formulation of the highest quality petroleum base stocks, while fortified with the patented formula 7 blend.

How do I use it?

With engine running, check level of transmission fluid.  Shut-off engine.  Add one bottle of Petron Plus Automatic Transmission Supplement to existing transmission fluid.  Do not overfill.

Change transmission fluid according to manufacture recommendations (approx. once every 25,000 miles on most vehicles), do not forget to change the transmission filter.  Add Petron Plus Automatic Transmission Supplement once every 25,000 miles. May be added at any time.


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